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TomSplasky 06-14-2005 15:51

Sony Cybershot... quick opinions?!

Cirric 06-14-2005 16:26

Need more input - Which Sony Cybershot?

I've owned one - the Dsc-P1 3-megapixel.
Nice camera - sold it to upgrade to a Nikon 8800.

check for specific camera details.

Personal Opinion: I try to limit the types of media I have around - If you already have a Sony that uses memorystick media (laptop, Mp3, PSP, etc) - having another use for memorystick is great.

TomSplasky 06-14-2005 18:46

Mmmm, thanks man for the attempt. I ended up buying one of these numbers:

So far I'[m very happy wit hit.

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