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lilslyk 09-01-2005 23:23

Can someone help me with a carfax?
On VIN # WBABK733XXET68391

Vehicle is suspected of having been in an accident and I want to verify. Thank you to anyone who helps.


lilslyk 09-02-2005 20:27


neon 09-12-2005 12:44

I just googled it. It is a 1999 BMW convertable. Ten things are listed but you will have to pay to see them. Hope this helps.

lilslyk 09-12-2005 20:40

Thanks! I got it all squared away. All the incidents are change of title/ownership.


GlockRat 09-12-2005 21:07

Check out this site for BMW info:

I recently bought a 328i and it's a blast to drive!

lilslyk 09-12-2005 21:48

Yes sir!

Already a member there...I have a '93 325is with 91k miles myself...but I've convinced my dad (by lending my car to him for 2 weeks) to get a 328 or m3 convertible. He was seriously looking into above mentioned vehicle and I'd seen carfaxes run on this board by generous members so I thought I'd try.

I actually just got an oil report back on my bimmer and posted on the forum. Link:

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