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martho 11-21-2005 12:52

How did you do in Sweepstakes?
Multi-OP High Power

We had 813 Q x all 80 sections.

We had our sweep by 1900z on Sunday.

We should have made way more than 1000 Qs. However after the sweep, it turned into a social event and radio was secondary.

We had approx 500 qs in CW SS(dont have the log here) a couple weeks ago and missed ND, NNY, WTX for 77 sections.

How did you do?

VOB 11-30-2005 20:51

Congrats on the sweep!

I got 40+ contacts on CW. 20 some sections. Was really just doing it to practice CW. I should send my log in though, why not?

I made a clean sweep in the SSB contest in 01 and haven't really tried all that hard since then. Sweeps are my favorite contest, but the past few years, traveling has limited my ability to to them.

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