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hotrodtba 02-24-2006 16:11

The New Offical AK Picture Thread
Here are mine:

Arsenal SLR105 AK74 "parts kit" built by Global Trades on an Armory USA receiver:

AK74 Krinkov SBR. All matching Bulgarian parts kit on a DCI 5.45 receiver:

Romy "G" Kit Under-folder Build on an Armory USA receiver:

De-banned Norinco Mak90. US Ironwood Stock set; threaded barrel and new front sight base with detent pin:

TexAg 02-24-2006 19:45

my Saiga
1 Attachment(s)
Saiga 7.62x39, Bushnell scope.

tat2guy 02-26-2006 00:39

I'll post this one again, cuz I love it so...

dfbarnes 02-26-2006 01:07

maxxx93 02-26-2006 08:39

Here's a few I've finished and one I haven't started yet.
I've got a few more in various stages of completion

OUSooner 02-26-2006 08:54

Glockdude1 02-26-2006 08:57


Be sure to post some pics of that Krinkov when you are done with it. SBR candidate?


maxxx93 02-26-2006 09:39


Originally posted by Glockdude1
SBR candidate?

Yup, That's why I haven't started it yet, I'm waiting for my form 1 to be approved.:)

dfbarnes 02-26-2006 15:17



Do you have a URL handy for the scope / mount info?

Glockdude1 02-26-2006 20:51

Stamped Norinco. Before & After I fixed it up.


Glockdude1 02-26-2006 20:51

Milled Norinco.

Decguns 02-27-2006 11:21

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Just a few of the AK's in the collection...

Glockdude1 02-27-2006 16:09


The bottom AK, (sidefolder) is that a Bulgarian?


DreamWeaver88 02-27-2006 18:31


Decguns 02-27-2006 20:08


Originally posted by Glockdude1

The bottom AK, (sidefolder) is that a Bulgarian?


Yes sir... started out life as an Arsenal SLR95MB.

salvo 02-27-2006 20:09

Here are my two Bulgarians
SA 93 Top
G-Tech SLR-100H Bottom

hotrodtba 02-27-2006 20:18

That G-Tech looks awesome. Just get rid of that goofy flashhider and put the correct barrel nut on it. Then it would look authentic. Can you tell I like the classic look.;)

joehammer75 02-27-2006 21:16

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Yugo under folder, trying to add it a twin

Auburn 02-27-2006 21:31

Romanian WASR10 with new refinished furniture & polished charging handle

voraus 02-27-2006 21:37

I shot a clone of that rifle last weekend

Originally posted by Glockdude1
Stamped Norinco. Before & After I fixed it up.


glockdude1, this is like deja vu. I shot a norinco with furniture just like your rifle last weekend. this one had an after market trigger. GREAT shooting piece. It has turned me to the dark side for sure.

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