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BlackBelt 05-23-2006 10:29

I'm getting uneasy about Gracie vs. Hughes
Matt sure seems to be motivated and in the best shape of his life. Royce is no slouch, but he's certainly not as young as Matt. I figure if it goes to the ground, and stays there, the advantage eventually will go to Royce. As long as there is enough time. The Gracie style doesn't always fit into neat little time frames with a bunch of rules. If it stays standing, Hughes will eventually out strike Royce...advantage Hughes.
Hughes is without a doubt one of the baddest boys in MMA. Royce was the same back in the day. Royce has been fighting overseas a lot for the past few years. I hope that it has helped him evolve.
Either way, it promises to be a great fight...if for no other reason than it's the 'old' vs. the 'new'.
I also figure either way, Royce wins the moral victory...he started the UFC, and this is what it has evolved into. Like he says, "He's a proud papa."
I have wiped my slate clean Sat. night and am heading to my local sports pub to check it out. I can't believe I actually got a date for this thing, also. Boy, she's gonna be pissed when I don't spend a minute of time paying attention to her!:supergrin:

ER_STL 05-25-2006 15:26

Not to slightly change the subject, but I thought GSP would have beaten Matt had they stayed on their feet. For whatever reason he decided to shoot in and then left himself open for that arm-bar. I think in a rematch he'll win.

Royce definitely can't stand with Matt but I think he can still submit him. If he can consistently bring the fight to the mat I think it's gonna be boring, since he's good at locking up ground-and-pounders.

G36.45 05-27-2006 22:13

Matt....took Gracie to the ground with no fear.

Nearly submitted him in an arm bar....but instead settled for beating him senseless until the Ref stopped it in the first round.

Hughes smoked him....and made it look easy.

ER_STL 05-27-2006 23:56

Thanks for the update - been looking for the results. Care to provide details?

Davegrave 05-28-2006 00:23


Originally posted by ER_STL
Thanks for the update - been looking for the results. Care to provide details?
the above post was the details. :supergrin:

It was one round. About a minute of awkward standup before Matt pushed him against the cage. The went to the ground where Royce tried to pull gaurd. Matt transitioned to half gaurd with ease, then got side mount. He had gracie in a strait armbar but gracie toughed it out even though it looked like his arm was about to snap. Hughes let go and when Royce tried to move he have up his back to Hughes. Hughes threw the hooks in, stretched Royce to a prone position and unloaded on his head and face from rear controll.
Royce was just about out and Big John stopped it with about 30 seconds left in the first.

Good PPV start to finish.

gr81disp 05-29-2006 07:50

Check the other Hughes Gracie thread for complete results.

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