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geminicricket 08-28-2006 20:22

The suck-up employee stopped, finally
Some of you may remember a thread I had started in an inappopriate forum about a Vietnames staffer of mine who was showering me with gifts. Some of the wiser among you were emphatic in recommending that I put a stop to it. I have done so. He's still on staff, but he no longer tries to express any form of generous appreciation. That's cool with me. The boss re-arranged all my staff so that now I'm in one big cubible-filled room with them. Previously, the Vietnamese man and I were in a large office with no others. Now, everybody sees everything, and I don't want none of that going on.

To the wiser people, thank you.

The Pontificator 09-27-2006 19:49

That's good to hear.

TKM 09-27-2006 22:25

If you figure out a way to make the microwave a "No-Fish" zone let us know. :)

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