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gakker 11-04-2006 22:57

Just picked up a 638 :)
Hey not posted here in a while, so here goes. Check out my new toy.

Berto 11-12-2006 07:22

Good lookin j frame...and Gold dots.:supergrin:

Slugger 05-30-2007 11:48

Congrats, I've got the same setup except for the watch. Hey . . . I was wondering where I left that M16 big dog! I go by 638 shooter on the S&W forum. Swing on by some time.


gakker 05-30-2007 21:08

Cool! Whats the link to that forum? Seems to be a few SWs out there.


Slugger 05-30-2007 21:31

Here's the link:

Be forwarned though . . . it's a sickness that's not easily shaken. I've been bitten and had to add about a dozen old wheelguns since joining.

Slugger aka 638 Shooter

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