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sksn 12-03-2006 07:59

any boomers out their?
I served abord the USS Rhode Island (SSBN-740). I was wondering if there was any other bubble heads out there?

EUPHER49 12-03-2006 20:07

SSBN 624
SSN 639

sksn 12-04-2006 07:45

Thanks It's nice to know I am not the only one out there.

md2lgyk 12-04-2006 13:50


J T 12-05-2006 21:56


coopal_131 12-05-2006 22:41

Re: any boomers out their?

Originally posted by sksn
I served abord the USS Rhode Island (SSBN-740). I was wondering if there was any other bubble heads out there?
There ain't no slack on a Fast Attack.
There ain't no pride on a Trident ride.

Both of my old boomers are now SSGNs. Man, I am getting old. :supergrin:

EUPHER49 12-06-2006 06:01


Originally posted by J T
I originally had orders to the Adams Gold crew in 1970, ended up on Wilson Blue cuz they needed an RO.

sksn 12-15-2006 23:12

I found an interesting video all about our profession
heres the link

bubllehead 12-15-2006 23:42

SSBN-654 patrol 77
SSBN-729 patrol 18
SSBN-736 newcon

seaswol 12-15-2006 23:46

SSN 676 USS Billfish
SSBN 737 USS Kentucky(B)Plankowner
Wish I could have done more time on SSNs. The final solution to the Cold War. My most memorable day was when the Berlin Wall was torn down.

ecestu 12-17-2006 18:10

SSBN 735 Blue
USS Pennsylvania

GotGlock1917 12-21-2006 23:51

USS Stonewall Jackson, SSBN 634(Blue) Jan. 1980 - Jul. 1984

ajstrider 12-23-2006 06:13

Boomers? Fast attack tough....
SSN 719

It is funny, I see another SSN 719 guy posting here, I will have to find out who that is.

seaswol 12-23-2006 11:07

The USS San Francisco that recklessly ran into an undersea mountain is going to have her foward section removed. She had a fairly recent refueling. They will take the forward half of the decommisioned USS Honolulu and put the two halves together. Some have joiked that it will be called the USS Hono-Frisco:rofl: The Navy and Electric Boat, for years, have sectioned submarines into various forms from new fast boats (1960's) into the early boomers, the older boomers into spec ops boats etc... Seriously, it is a great tribute to how well the USS San Francisco survivied both due to the quality of engineering and the training of the crew to combat collisions. Terribly, there was one loss of life. Unfortunately most people only hear of the infrequent incidents rather than the major accomplishments of the "Silent Service" - so be it. All of us who served on all submarines, boomers, fast attack, NR1 and our DSRV's post WWII can be very proud that our service was the leading effort to end the cold war.

"Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and hopefully Peace On Earth"


SS398 12-24-2006 21:56

How about a old DBF?SS-398

bfg1971 03-08-2007 13:58

SSN 703 USS Boston (Decom Crew)
SSN 752 USS Pasadena
SSBN 734 Gold USS Tennessee
SSBN 742 Gold USS Wyoming

Sully8019 03-11-2007 21:16


goldshellback 03-17-2007 07:22

SSN 717 Olympia - 3 WESTPAC's
SSBN 739 Neberaska (G) 2 Patrols
SSBN 740 Rhode Island (G) 6 Patrols

First boat Fast Boat and never really got used to the Boomer
state of mind, but just can't beat the deployment sked.

For you younger squids that were lucky enough to stand a few topside
mid-watches and love to play HALO...check out the film shorts
at Funny Stuff!

squidville_1975 03-18-2007 19:00

ex-SSBN 727
ex-SSBN 729
Now both SSGNs

maddog2020 03-19-2007 15:33

SSBN-655 (Henry L. Stimpson)
SSN-660 (Sandlance)
SSN-674 (Trepang)
SSBN-634 (Stonewall Jackson)
SSBN-734 (Tennessee)
SSN-714 (Norfolk)

3 of each, enjoyed both but for different reasons

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