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GixxerSixxer 01-30-2007 16:10

New proposed Gun bills
• SB201. Gives Utahns the right to carry guns in a state of declared emergency even without a permit.

• SB251. Prohibits guns in certain areas of college campuses.

• HB355. Allows hotel guests to bring legally permitted weapons into their rooms.

• HB354. Allows those with concealed weapons permits to bring their guns on a bus.,1249,655192376,00.html

Sambolijah 01-30-2007 19:24


Walker also sponsored HB354, which would allow a person with a concealed weapons permit to bring guns on a bus. He said now, "a person with a concealed weapons permit could enter a terminal of a bus station ... but couldn't go onto the bus."

What??? Since when is a bus prohibited in the first place?

Guys, this "compromise" with the U of U is threatening our rights. PLEASE call your representatives TODAY and get them to OPPOSE any cave-in on our rights.

A compromise is this: Anti-gun folks want to restrict guns from certain areas of college campuses. Pro-rights people want to eliminate the NEED for a CCW permit.
Antis: We don't want guns on campus. Lets compromise.
Us: Okay. We will agree, if you agree to remove the CCW permit requirement, so our carry laws reflect those of Alaska and/or Vermont.
Antis: :steamed:
Both sides need to give and take, not just one side, for it to be considered a compromise.

So don't just give in.

UtahIrishman 01-30-2007 20:41

I'm going from memory here so correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that inter-state buses such as Greyhound are legally bound by Federal DOT regulations. So any changes by the state of Utah would be moot anyways...unfortunately.

If it's about city buses then I didn't know you couldn't carry. Doesn't make sense to me. Buses and train stations are probably some of the most dangerous public places you can be.

The college campus change I oppose. Many college students are out and about at odd hours for classes etc. They need the protection that a CCW can give them, especially coeds.

Sambolijah 01-31-2007 14:57

If you don't know who your state-level Senator or Representative is, go here:

PLEASE tell them to OPPOSE SB251.

sickboy013 01-31-2007 21:58

I personally am very opposed to the proposed ban of ccw firearms on campus. I have relatives that carry that live on campus. I think its bs. When are people going to realize that it is not the law abiding citizens carrying ccw that are committing crimes? It's the people that are carrying illegally.

The U of U vice pres. or something still tries to keep students from carrying on campus even though the last time the bill was voted on it was denied.

Gibbles 02-03-2007 16:47

It seems allot of liberals suffer from a form of tunnel vision; they only see a narrow part of a issue. :upeyes:

Sambolijah 02-07-2007 14:41

Update: more information has been released about SB 251.

Quoted below is an email I received today from the Utah Shooting Sports Council.

Guys, PLEASE call your representatives and senators, especially the senators named below.


Utah Shooting Sports Council URGENT ACTION ALERT February 4, 2007
-- Immediate action required- Contact Senate Rules Committee to OPPOSE SB 251


With the University of Utah threatening to resume their lawsuit in federal court, some Legislators are eager to give in to the University’s demand for authority to impose a campus gun ban. This will cover ALL of Utah’s state owned higher education facilities, not just the University of Utah!

Their previous ban (declared illegal by the Utah Supreme Court) applied only to University staff and students, but now they want to expand their control to ALL PERMIT HOLDERS who enter University property for any reason!

Existing laws cover violent criminal acts, threatening others with weapons, and restrict carrying concealed weapons by anyone but permit holders. The U’s President Young even admits this in his February 1, 2007 email, available at

Permit holders are all at least 21 years old, with a clean criminal record, are not drug addicts or mental cases, have had training, passed a FBI background check, and have their background checked again every single day! Permit holders are at least as law abiding as police officers and legislators, so they are not a threat to anyone at the Universities. It is absurd that the Universities, or the Legislature are discussing bans on permit holders!

Senator Greg Bell’s SB 251 (Higher Education- Concealed Firearm Restrictions) was finally released today. You can read the full text at

This bill will allow Universities to make rules banning legally carried self defense guns from the office of a faculty or staff member. This could be twisted to apply to virtually any classroom, lab, locker room, janitorial closet, student aid office, library or other place on campus claimed to be an “office.” Theoretically, “reasonably proximate secure storage facilities” would be required, but that provision is wide open for abuse by having them several buildings away, if they bother to install them at all. It also will make known the identity of people who legally carry self defense weapons as they use these facilities. Criminals will never comply with such a requirement, just permit holders!

This bill will also allow rules that “allow residents to have only roommates who are not permit holders”. This can be an excuse to force permit holders into high priced singles, or exclude them from campus housing entirely. Imagine the outrage if they tried to exclude people based on race, religion or sexual orientation instead of being a law abiding permit holder!



Senator Bill Hickman, Chairman (Washington County)
Senator Peter Knudson (Box Elder, Tooele, Cache County) Home (435) 753-0043
Senator Chris Buttars (Salt Lake County) Home (801)561-0535
Senator Gregory Bell (Davis County) (cell) 801-971-2001
Senator Darin Peterson (central Utah counties)
Senator Gene Davis (Salt Lake County) Home (801) 484-9428
Senator Ed Mayne (Salt Lake County) Home (801) 968-7756

Fax number for all Senators at the Capitol: 801-326-1475
Senate switchboard at the Capitol: 801-538-1035

- - - - - - - - - - -
Subject: OPPOSE SB 251 (Higher Education Concealed Firearms Restrictions)
Dear Senator ___________ [insert name]

I urge you to hold SB 251 (Higher Education Concealed Firearms Restrictions) in the Rules Committee.

1. This bill is a waste of the Legislature’s valuable time. It proposes unworkable solutions to non-existent problems! This does nothing to improve “campus safety.”
2. Contrary to the fears of some academics, permit holders have proven themselves to be law abiding, non-violent citizens. Laws are already on the books against violent crimes by them, or anyone else with a gun.
3. University offices neither need nor deserve more restrictions on permit holders than any other state office, many dealing with far more contentious issues than academic discussions. If there is a threat, it is not permit holders!
4. Implied threats from the University of Utah to resume federal lawsuits are reprehensible, and Legislators should not be intimidated by them.
5. Far from making campuses safer, this bill only disarms the good guys, making campuses more attractive to criminals.
6. If allowed to impose any restrictions at all, the Universities will manipulate their rules to create a de facto campus-wide ban on LEGALLY carried self defense weapons.

Please hold SB 251 in Rules, and use your valuable time on bills dealing with real problems and real solutions.

[your name here]


UtahIrishman 02-07-2007 15:21


e-mails sent to both of Salt Lake County's senators.

One item that stood out for me was the issue of roommates that have permits. Unless things have changed considerably since I lived in a dorm you can change room mates without a hassle if you don't get along with them for some reason. First week of fall there were always people changing roommates for many reasons.

I think it would behoove a permit holder to tell his roomy he has a permit so there are no unexpected surprises, but to legislate it is ridiculous.

I mentioned in another post I went to Berkeley for one quarter in my younger days. What I didn't mention was I had a roommate from Montana who carried a Colt .45 revolver with a 6" barrel in his backpack all over the Berkeley campus. :supergrin:

As far as I know back then, 1974, he was perfectly legal. And he managed never to shoot anybody either.

BigBore45 02-07-2007 22:06

A lengthy e-mail has been sent to all and everyone I know friends, senators etc.... I am an LEO in the state of Utah but I don't like our rights as citizens being infringed upon. I think they need to uphold the desicion made by the Utah Sepreme Court back in September stating the University could not overide State law. I hope this bill gets shot down quickly.

Thanks for the heads up guys


fyrmedic 02-08-2007 15:49

E-mails sent and phone calls made.

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