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Nyper 02-04-2007 21:35

New review of shops near Greensboro/Raleigh
Seems like people here are always asking about shops.. I know I have. I spent a little time around several the past few days and thought I would post my findings. And I'm just bored. :)

The Gun Rack - Kernersville

It was the first time I had ever been there. I got there fairly early Saturday. When I arrived, there were two men working and only one other customer in the store. I didn't get a "good morning" or "hello" or anything of the sort. I browsed my way towards the front where the two employees were, and struck up the conversation myself. Said good morning & asked to see a couple handguns.

The guns did not have locks on them, and the employee didn't bother to clear the action & make sure they were not loaded before handing them to me. Now granted, I was probably the first customer of the morning to look at anything. They had probably just taken them out of the safe. But to me, there is simply no excuse for not clearing the action and checking the gun before handing it to someone.

I handed the gun back and browsed some more. Without sayin a word, the guy went back to sitting on his stool and eating his crackers. The other employee was fiddling with some papers or something. Finally I asked to see a 2nd gun. I might as well have been asking the guy to share his crackers. He didn't seem to care very much whether he sold anything or not. Again, he just hands it over without checking it.

I try to express that I am very interested in making a purchase, and ask if they can come down off the price of gun #2 if I purchase gun #1 as it is marked. He tells me no, he can't come down on anything because blah blah blah. He then continues to discuss the two guns with me. He didn't really offer sells pitch, but just made casual chat.

The place was VERY low pressure. I like that, but I also got the feeling that to them it was just "Buy it or leave it. we could care less". They weren't rude or anything. They just weren't as outgoing as some people and I can see how it would rub some customers the wrong way.

Another guy came in while I was there and was looking for a P3AT. They were pretty short with him and I would be surprised if that guy didn't just tell them to kiss his arse and leave. But he didn't.

Their prices were about average. The S&W 642 was $30 higher than the cheapest place I found it. The Ultra Carry II was about $50 cheaper than the 2nd cheapest place I found. Most other guns were comparable. A G36 with standard sights was about $510. The P3AT was $250 (I thought that was pretty decent).


PDHSC - Raleigh

They have pretty decent prices here. The S&W 642 was $350 - the cheapest I found it. They seemed pretty much willing to help everyone who walked through the door. While I was there, they talked to a man who looked about 65 who wanted a handgun for his home / a girl who just turned 21 and wanted her first gun / a man who just has his first baby and wanted something for home protection / a guy who looked like a complete thug who had no idea what he was looking for. They seemed to treat everyone with equal respect and help them as much as possible.

I would likely purchase a handgun from here in the future.


Davi's - Raleigh

This place was big! They had a lot of customers, and a very good selection. They were also pretty proud of their guns because their prices were pretty high. Me & the guy I was with were treated somewhat rudely. I probably wouldn't purchase a handgun here just because the couple of people I saw working with customers & helping me treated us like we didn't know anything. Different strokes for different folks. It seemed like a pretty popular place, so they must be doing something right.


Arrington's - Greensboro

This place is a joke. I have been there before and always been treated rudely. I went this time with a fresh attitude. I decided to give them one more chance. Once they learned I was civilian, they seemed like they could care less. I will never purchase a gun or anything else from them in the future. I would not recommend them to anyone. I have heard others here say the same. I'm sure they would gladly pucker up and kiss my tail if I was LEO, but oh wel.


Southern Firearms - Greensboro

Seemed like pretty nice people. They were pretty up front and seemed honest. I would buy a firearm here in the future if they had a decent price. Unfortunately, the were generaly about $25-$35 higher for each gun I looked at.


Gander Mountain - Greensboro

Ok.. I would never REALLY buy a gun from here. I just went to browse out of boredom one evening when everything else was closed. The girl behind the counter seemed pretty knowledgeable at first, but then pretty quickly proved me wrong. When I asked to see the Ultra CDP II she said "Oh, that has night sites? Weird!!" :upeyes: Their prices are ridiculous and the employees don't seem to have much of a clue about what they are selling. I expect that, but it's just disheartening to hear them give poor advice to customers who are just trying to purchase their first handgun.

A guy who was in his early 20's was in there. He was very quiet. He was standing right next to me, and he told the girl he wanted to buy his first pistol.

Guy: "I want something kind of small because I want to get my carry permit. It will also be for home defense though."

Girl: "Oh ok. You're right.. you want something small. Because small is good. They shoot slower. You want a slower moving bullet so the bullet will knock the person down and stop them. Fast bullets will just go right through them without knocking them down." :upeyes: :upeyes: :upeyes:

As soon as the girl turned around for a few minutes, I sorta said hi & told him about a few shops around and recommend he go somewhere like PDHSC. Told him he would get much better advice and save money on the purchase. He seemed to appreciate the advide and said thanks, but still hung around there. Hope the poor guy didn't get taken for a ride, but who knows.


Jim's Guns - Raleigh

I didn't actually go visit Jim. I only called him. I ask him if he had a minute & told him what I was looking for. He told me he didn't have it at that time, but would be more than happy to take my # and call me back if he came across one. He also explained that he has people in Texas that he orders from at the lowest price he can. He said he basically makes $20 on guns he orders from them, but will be happy to do it.

I wasn't familiar with his store/operation, so I asked him to fill me in. He was more than happy to explain who he is & what he does. Jim seemed like a very nice guy, and from the impression he gave me, I would gladly buy from him.


L&J Gunsmithing - Greensboro

Folks, Larry Crump is one of the nicest guys I have met in the firearms business. He doesn't have stuff for sale, but he does great gunsmithing work, and also will be happy to do an FFL transfer for you. He has transferred several for me in the past and always charged a flat $20. I haven't found anyone else around who will match his price. He has also shipped a couple of guns for me and charged me the least he could for his troubles. He once charged me only $25 to ship an AR-15. I think he realized he didn't make much on that, because he charged me slightly more to mail a handgun, but it was still much cheaper than me having to overnight it via FedEx or what not.

I go back to Larry for all of my gunsmithing needs. He'll be more than happy to install your night sites or anything else you need done. I've heard his custom work is excellent.

Bogey 02-05-2007 20:24


Thank you VERY much for your research and reports. You've done us all here a great service!!!

And there's basically only two shops I'll buy from....PDHSC or Jim's Guns in Garner.

BizkitShooter 02-05-2007 21:00

Other better gun shops in the Raleigh area include Young Guns in Apex, Ed's Gun Shop in Vass, Perry's in Wendell and Mace Sports in Mebane. All are excellent and I highly recommend them all. Great prices and excellent service.

Nyper 02-06-2007 07:51

Original post edited to add Jim's and L&J. :)

Skydivn Shooter 02-09-2007 20:44

Excellent post Nyper and thanks for the reviews. I concur with your findings on Davi's. In the past three years I have purchased two Glocks and a Beretta from them and found them to have a huge inventory - they always have what I need in stock - but slightly higher pricing than some shops.

I'm glad to see that BizkitShooter added Perry's and Mace Sports to the list. I have shopped them both but would like your perspective. Perhaps you could shop them and give us a report.

spober 02-10-2007 13:55

Chck out Hill's on downtown blvd.out bound to capital blvd.just before the beltline entrance.these guys have been in that painted brick building for many years.lots of sporting stuff and an extensive selection of air powered guns.their regular handguns are a bit expensive .

gconan 02-11-2007 20:09


Chck out Hill's on downtown blvd......
....their regular handguns are a bit expensive .
No offense meant, but there long gun prices are even worse.

SBM 02-12-2007 00:01

Nice work there.

Gander is a joke. It is actually better than the Bass Pro in Concord....And as a side note, if you do go there for for work, or play, CHECK THE BOX! I went in while on a job, and the ONLY pair of Timberlands that they had in my size that day, were returns that were covered in drywall dust, and when I asked if I got the 50% discount on a pair of used boots, the guy looked at them, and em or leave em...
I finished the job in a pair of tennis shoes praying OHSA didnt show...

One you should try sometime if you are in the area, is Gods Country in Albemarle, and Archdale Ammo and Arms in of course, Archdale. AAA is LEO owned, but they treat everyone I have seen go in, like old family. They have no problem with questions, give the right answers, and if they dont know, they find out.
They are also the only ones in the area that had a clue what a EMP Springfield was when I was interested in one.

Gods Country was a fluke we found. A buddy and I were on the way to go hog hunting in SC and we were a couple of hours ahead of time, and we pulled in the parking lot they are located at on 52 to check the tie downs on the 4 wheelers, and there they were. A little high on camo, not a huge clothing selection, but the counter guys took time with everyone, and had a clue.
I will be buying a set of matching Brownings for the wife and I from them, and now that I have eliminated the EMP from my list, will probably spend some time picking out a Kimber from there.

In Lexington, the place to stay away from is a place called Daddy Rabbits on hwy 8 out near High Rock Lake, at the intersection of 8 and 47. I went in to check it out with a friend that is LEO, and he said that one of the guys that worked there was ex LEO and Blackwater. He was more interested in selling me what HE wanted to, did not listen to what I was looking for, and when I asked if he had heard a thing that I had asked him, his boss, the owner, storms out from this side door (looks like the office was behind it) and went postal, telling me to get the hell out, never come back, dont spend a dime in there, dont look back, etc.
Turns out he also runs the gun shows in Davidson County, and he must make enough off those to keep that place running.
I did what he said..I bought my SOCOMII at Archdale, and got it for $350 less than Rabbits was asking, AND it was in stock.

cuervo 02-12-2007 12:26

There is also Lawman's supply just down the road from PDHSC. They are mainly police supply but they do have a small collection of shotguns and handguns.

I do hit PDHSC when I'm in the area, and have bought from there before. My last time in, though, I asked about the price of something and no one would/could tell me. It was a rifle that was listed on one of the auction sites and no one knew what the store owner wanted for it.

The last time I was at Maces, they had a Mosin-Nagant pistol for $200 that SOG and others were selling for <$100. Other prices seemed more reasonable though.

I'm not sure if Jim's actually has a shop or is one of the last kitchen table dealers. He does normally have a table at the gun shows.

And, speaking of Jim's, there is Jim's Gunnery pawnshop in Fayetteville. They are pricey for their size but a large selection of new and used. There is also one in Hope Mills whose name I can't remember. It's just down NC210 from Bragg.

Range 1 in Lillington, NC. (Actually Bunn Level). They are on weekend hours only the last I checked since the owner has had some serious back issues.

Fuquay Gun Shop & Pawn in Milkove Plaza in Fuquay Varina. A small selection of handguns and long guns. There is also a pawn/gun shop on NC55 just down from Young Guns.

Glock-R1980 02-12-2007 13:46

Barry Perry is a little to arrogant to me, and also over priced. I'd rather purchase from PDHSC in Garner or Lawmen's.

bulwaagh 02-12-2007 18:41

I'm scheduled to attend a cisco conference at the research triangle. Which shops are closest?

edit: I know I won't be able to buy handguns, but I'd like to find an indoor range to air out my hardware.

SR_ 02-12-2007 21:21


Originally posted by cuervo
I do hit PDHSC when I'm in the area, and have bought from there before. My last time in, though, I asked about the price of something and no one would/could tell me. It was a rifle that was listed on one of the auction sites and no one knew what the store owner wanted for it.

Your comment caught my eye -
I know the owner and he does estate sales and sales of specility items. Sometimes these are consigned. Generally when he puts something up for auction it will be something out of the ordinary and he will not 'give you a price' even if he is in the store. He is waiting to see what folks will bid. If he knows what he wants, he puts a 'buy now' price. I'm pretty sure he doesn't end auctions early - so he doesn't have a concept of 'what he wants' for an auction item.

He has auctioned a couple of items I was interested in. He did tell me the range he thought the items would sell in.

Shooter Ed 02-12-2007 21:30

Ed's Gun Shop in Vass is a great place to buy guns. Ed knows guns and will cut a deal.

Where is L&J Gunsmithing located? Do you have a number for them?

Thanks, Ed.

BizkitShooter 02-12-2007 22:23


Originally posted by bulwaagh
I'm scheduled to attend a cisco conference at the research triangle. Which shops are closest?

edit: I know I won't be able to buy handguns, but I'd like to find an indoor range to air out my hardware.

Ha!! :rofl: I might join you, this darn computer is the bane of my existance!!

There are a couple indoor ranges nearby, but I recommend PDHSC as the place to go. It's just south of the downtown area so not far from anything. Check for details.

bulwaagh 02-13-2007 17:07

Feb 27-Mar 2nd I'll be there :thumbsup:

cuervo 02-13-2007 22:45

Mace's would be closest. I don't know how to directly go to a Google map address, but here is their address:
6921 Industrial Dr, Mebane, NC 27302

Exit on to Buckhorn and then left on Industrial drive. It's farther down the street than the map shows, but once you're on industrial you can't miss it.

You could also go down NC55 into Apex and go to Young Guns. There is still some construction going on between 40 and Apex, though.

84S 02-16-2007 15:31

When I lived in G'boro, Arrington's always treated me right and I am not a LEO.

SBM 02-16-2007 17:57


Originally posted by 84S
When I lived in G'boro, Arrington's always treated me right and I am not a LEO.
I went there yesterday afternoon and went back today to buy one that we saw yesterday, and I was too late.
They are getting better, thats for sure. Im not sure if its cause I went in with LEO, or what, but I was going to get a HK LEO trade in in .45 for $400. They had 5 of them, and they were gone by 1pm this afternoon.
I never felt out of place, but I think with ANY gun store, you are treated as a tire kicker, until they start to know you.
Bad thing is, that can make, or break that first sale.

Rob1035 02-24-2007 20:19

How is Arrinton's in Charlotte for us non-LE folks?

I'm looking for a used G19.

Strider47 02-26-2007 15:00

I stopped shopping at Arrington's when they had a FNH Five-Seven for sale to LEO only. Frickin' elitists. :upeyes:

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