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emt1581 02-22-2007 20:53

Anyone offer bead-blasting?
I'd like to get my AR-15 lower bead blasted. I'm wondering if anyone in PA offers the service?



G23.40 02-23-2007 04:57

Call and ask this guy Don , if he can't, he may know someone.

DeadMansLife 02-23-2007 15:05

Maybe Jack Weigand could help you.

Weigand Combat Handguns Inc.
1057 South Main Road
Mountaintop, PA 18707

Open 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM EST Monday through Friday


pstew 02-24-2007 18:50

If you hear any thing definitive, please post and how it came out for you

gaboonviper85 02-26-2007 21:04

i could bead blast it for ya!

ppsnatcher 09-13-2014 03:51

Bump- I know this is an old thread but anybody know a good place to go for bead blasting around philadelphia?

Sorry to Hijack

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