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RandySmith 04-03-2007 21:34

Intermediate Level Defensive Handgun - Lexington, Va. area - May 25-27
There will be an intermediate level defensive handgun course in the Lexington, Virginia area May 25 - 27.

This is a 30 hour course covering the following topics: Mindset, Conflict Avoidance, Color Codes of Awareness, Survival Stress, Identifying and using Cover and Concealment, Force Continuum / Ladder / Wheel, Boyd's (OODA) Loop, Legalities of using Force, Equipment - Holsters, Mag Carriers, etc., Basic Disarming and Retention Techniques, Drawing from a Concealment Holster, Reloading and Recovering, Tactical Movement, Searching, Flashlight Techniques, Shooting in Subdued Light, Responding to Malfunctions and Stoppages, Shooting while Moving, Engaging Multiple Threats, Moving Threats, Ballistic Wounding, Close Quarters Fighting, and more.

Please see the course announcement or contact me directly for more information.


RandySmith 05-03-2007 23:27

We have a couple openings left for this course.

Please email if you are interested. I don't always receive the post follow up or PM notifications from the board.


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