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waltlb 04-13-2007 13:10

Fallen Brother

Words said over the new-turned earth
Will fade into the ether.
And words in stone atop that final berth
Will yield to weather;
Mere dates, they cannot assay the worth
Of he resting nether.

But even if words said pass; stones burst,
If mankind recalls neither
Good acts while in the world’s immerse
Speak to the soul’s Weigher.
No more heed what comes here by hearse;
He’s with Him together.

I am a retired FBI Special Agent. I wrote this to commemorate in a small way the passing of SA Barry Bush, laid to rest yesterday in Pennsylvania.

flyinArmadillo 04-14-2007 09:06

Regards and understanding........


Nephilim 05-04-2007 22:36

Thank you for your service, and the post :)

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