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glock45acp21 04-17-2007 19:59

So what's everyone up to? Have any of you been out shooting lately, or any other news?

shooting4fun 04-22-2007 08:30

Good Day Glock45acp21,

Yes, doing reasonably well < too much work, not enough range time...>. Things are reasonably well down here in SE AZ. Especially, now that the wind has eased up. Shot the local action handgun match last Sunday with winds way beyond the 15+ MPH with gust substantially higher.

Shot reasonably well with the new to me blaster <yes, have to admit it was not my traditional Glock pattern> That did prove to be an issue several times throughout the various stages as the pistol ran well up to the point the operator was experiencing trigger overload. I was trying to put the sucker in go faster mode but nothing was happening as my trigger finger was pre-programed for the short reset of the Glocks. So the shooting pattern was a conservative tempo increasing in speed right up to the point where, “hey, this ain't running...oh let the trigger out, now we're good”. Did that on several stages while the learning progressed...sort of. Burned down the last stage right up to the point where I got just a bit greedy and threw a couple of shots. Only to catch me on the final stop target which required two for full engagement. Launched the first only to find slidelock. So the clock continues while I try to jack another mag to finish things up.

Bottom line, even with the trigger studder still ended up with a good clean pistol shoot. It is basically a personal challenge for me to be able to shot well with all the launchers I own. These handgun matches are great practice to see just what works and what has issues.

How are things up in your neighborhood?

If time and motivation permit, there is an interesting article published by our local paper:

I feel our young reporter <local gent> did reasonably well on this piece. Far better than some of the other articles as of late trying to capitalize on an unfortunate situation.

Be Well! Keep them on target!

glock45acp21 04-22-2007 09:45

So far all is well. Went to the gun show Saturday, but couldn't buy the FN PS90 at 1500 bucks.

shooting4fun 04-22-2007 21:44

Good Day Glock45acp21,

Wow, that FH is a handful of fun. I've not seen too many places that carry the ammo for that beastie. I've only had the pleasure of running a mag through the handgun. It is really loud with not much gallop to it. Trigger pull was nothing special, kinda like a swingline stapler. Easy enough to make the steel at 100 yrds sound pretty good.

Good luck to you in your quest.


glock45acp21 04-22-2007 21:49

The PS 90 might as well be a handgun, the rifle is almost small enough to be a large handgun.

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