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domzilla9 06-01-2007 14:21

Carpool to South Central this Sunday? (Louisville -->Seymour IN/Freetown)
I am planning on driving to the monthly South Central USPSA shoot in Freetown IN (I65 50B + 14 miles west of Seymour) this Sunday, June 3rd. If anyone wants to carpool pls let me know. I'd like to leave Louisville no later than 7:45 am if possible. They start throwin heat at 10am sharp. for other info

domzilla9 06-02-2007 14:04

looks like there is less chance of rain in Wilmore tomorrow. Changing to that destination. Anybody?

45gunner 06-03-2007 18:08

How was South Central? I would like to go up there somtimes. This was not a good weekend for me.

Clyde 06-03-2007 18:24

Missed a good show at Wilmore -- and no rain

Wilmore Results Posted - link

domzilla9 06-03-2007 20:19

No rain in Seymour either. At 7am this morning the weather in Seymour looked more favorable. Actually it turned out to be a great day, weather wise. I had a good time at South Central. I squadded with Barry Ellis and he was a great RO.

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