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TreehugginGlock 06-19-2007 20:56

KAPS on Sunday the 24th
Any takers? I'm game.

I won't be able to make Thursday night to take a head count, so let me know if anyone wants to meet up at the Waffle House and carpool. Gunner and Zilla, you're actually closer to my abode. You guys want to carpool to the Waffle House too? I'd like to shoot at least the first match if the weather's decent. If it's nice and not an inferno, I'd even consider shooting the afternoon match too. Any thoughts?

45gunner 06-20-2007 04:39

Kaps Match
Im going to shoot at least one pistol match and the rifle match. Still debating on the second match.

Dom may go but only wants to stay for one match.

If you would like to shoot the second match I can carpool and split the gas with you and I will do the second match as well.

domzilla9 06-20-2007 06:26

I should be able to make it but I'll be good for one round only.

Gee LA, if you like KAPS this much you may have to get a USPSA membership and start shooting over at SilverCreek as well.

The classifer will be CM 06-06, "Golden Bullet Standards" which features some strong hand/weak hand action.

Click here for the classifier description.

DVC notice:

The regular monthly KAPS match will be held this Sunday, June 24th on the range near Bardstown.

The pistol match will consist of 5 stages including CM06-06 "Golden Bullet Standards".

A minimum of 120 rounds willl be needed to complete the pistol match.

There will be a rifle side match also, and a minimum of 36 rounds will be needed.

Set-up for this match will be at NOON on Saturday, June 23rd, any and all help will be greatly appreciated.


KYgundoc 06-20-2007 13:22

I do not think I will be there with this shoulder the way it is. I do not think I could make more than one stage. I hope this gets better soon because I want to shoot!

45gunner 06-24-2007 04:43


Originally posted by KYgundoc
I do not think I will be there with this shoulder the way it is. I do not think I could make more than one stage. I hope this gets better soon because I want to shoot!

Feeling crappy at a match is better then feeling crappy at home.

cwshootersupply 06-24-2007 14:06

Any news yet?

TreehugginGlock 06-24-2007 21:40


Originally posted by cwshootersupply
Any news yet?
News about what?

cwshootersupply 06-27-2007 21:12

Who won and how it went.

domzilla9 06-27-2007 22:01

humid fun. still waiting on the results to be posted. My game was poor.

45gunner 06-28-2007 04:12

Did Hidden Hill shoot on Tuesday?
Where are their scores.

domzilla9 06-28-2007 04:15

Yes, we shot tues
- problem with website (crappy free host)
will fix today hopefully

45gunner 06-28-2007 04:18

Kaps usually has their scores done by Tuesday.

Must be a new score keeper on the job.

My worst stage was the rife match.

It was shot in two strings. On my first string the bullets in my magazine jamed because I overfilled it.

Clyde 06-28-2007 07:12

Most of the backbone for KAPS was out helping with the Nationals (Limited 10 and OPEN) - I'm sure they will be up soon

45gunner 06-28-2007 17:50

Thanks for the info.

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