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FM12 06-28-2007 20:20

Alabama get together for a shoot?
Is there enough of us Glock Talk members to get together some week-end for an informal shoot? Somewhere in central Alabama, for evderyone's convenience?

Anyone up for it? (Ya'll over in w Georgia MIGHT be welcome also!:rofl:

Just an idea. post back here and suggested dates.


Joe D 06-29-2007 14:35

Why not just shoot the IDPA match in Montgomery?

FM12 06-29-2007 14:53

guess we could, but wouldn t want to run i non top of the reqular guys...Whene and where are the usual shoots? Could we shoot on an off week end when othere matches are not planned? Thanks for the interest, ken

1bigtaco 06-29-2007 16:52

I'm down to shoot anytime. I'm in Auburn

Joe D 06-29-2007 18:08

Guess I am not one to just burn ammo without a purpose. We are either shooting a match or practicing for one. Guess that says we are not just casual shooters.

FM12 06-29-2007 20:17

I think this is an excellent idea, Joe D. Would you be up to organizing a match for us, give us all a chance to compete? I've never shot an IDPA match, but would probably be fun for all. Is there a range we could use? If there is a charge to rent the range, we could divy up the charge.

What ranges are close to Bham we could use, even though Montgomery might be more central.

1bigtaco 06-29-2007 21:03

I've never shot a match or a competition or even though about doing so really. Would be fun though, I'm shooting tommorow.

FM12 06-29-2007 21:14

10-4 One big Taco, let us know how you do, and share any winnings with us!!:thumbsup:

1bigtaco 06-29-2007 21:25


Originally posted by FM12
10-4 One big Taco, let us know how you do, and share any winnings with us!!:thumbsup:
I'm not shooting a match tommorow LOL, just the range agaisnt myself ;)

FM12 06-29-2007 21:34

That's OK, 1BT, send me some money anyway, list it as "winnings" and feel good about yourself!:thumbsup:

1bigtaco 06-29-2007 21:50


Originally posted by FM12
That's OK, 1BT, send me some money anyway, list it as "winnings" and feel good about yourself!:thumbsup:
haha, I wish I could man.

FM12 06-29-2007 22:12

Well, have a good time, be safe asnd shoot well!:) :) :wavey:

Keith5579 06-30-2007 09:13

Ya'll just come down to ATI monday night at 6:30 and shoot the match with me.

I'm up for a GT shoot sometime, but I'm only off every other weekend, so theres a 50/50 chance I could make it.

FM12 06-30-2007 09:25

Who/what/where is ATI? Not familar with it.:shocked:

Keith5579 06-30-2007 09:27

ATI is the indoor range in Birmingham off of 40th Street.

FM12 06-30-2007 09:53

OK, thanks for the info! A litttle far away or me (210 miles, but I'll keep it in mind...let me know how to figure what week'ends are avail for you to shoot...thought about a weekend in september or Oct so it wont be so hot, Ken

Lone_Wolfe 07-01-2007 11:54

Count me in if it's anywhere near Montgomery.

FM12 07-01-2007 19:39

10-4. Lone Wolf...consider your self in!:banana:

Joe D 07-02-2007 19:27

Go to There you will find a list of all the clubs that host IDPA matches. The next match around B'ham is at Our match is the second Saturday each month. Steel City is about a mile down South Shades Crest Rd. in Hoover. The Montgomery club puts one on the third Saturday.
Only costs $10 to shoot. Seems like they have a girl that shoots at Steel City and Montgomery. You should certainly be able to out shoot a girl.:banana:

FM12 07-02-2007 19:36

Joe D: I dont know about outshooting a girl, one spanked me pretty good about a year ago in Mobile County USPSA's bunch! Thanks for the info. Ken

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