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Seattle206 07-16-2007 15:51

Turning The Big 21 Tomorrow!
Im turning 21 tomorrow and the first thing I plan on doing is applying for my CCW permit. I just want some suggestions on which sheriff's office I should apply that has less hassle. I live in south Seattle, so any station close by would be nice. Is there anything I should know before going?

yunone 07-19-2007 01:06

i am under the impression you need to apply in the city where your residence is

for example

i like in mukilteo and had to apply in mukilteo.. or the converse.... if i was applying in mukilteo i had to live in mukilteo

as far as hassle..i dont see how there could be any

you walk into your local department..say you want to apply for concealed pistol license

they have you fill out the forms

ask for money

then fingerprint you


2-4 weeks later you get your license in the mail




now walk into any gun store and buy another pistol and walk out 15 minutes later

freaking love it

Habu 07-19-2007 23:55

+1 to that!

In our beloved state there is no hassle, it's done the constitutionally RIGHT way!

You'll be going to whatever main court building is in Seattle--in Tacoma it's the county-city building downtown.

Welcome to the club (when you get that permit, that is). I don't know what your level of training is, but be sure you're knowledgeable, safe, and well trained before you decide to carry--for your sake as well as the rest of us that exercise our 2nd Ammendment rights (if you already know all of this, disregard!).:thumbsup:

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