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xd45acp 09-04-2007 01:10

the pit
me and a couple of people are going to the pit sep 23 its a sunday if anyone wants to meet up let me know

cos 09-11-2007 22:00

I haven't gone there yet but plan to soon. How many shooters can the Pit can safely accommodate? I saw a video of the Pit and it looks rather small. Also - how many cars can fit in it's parking area?

xd45acp 09-12-2007 22:12

theres is really no parking area but people park all over by the road.

wizzi01 09-13-2007 16:00

I wish I could make it :sad: How is the springfield holding up?

xd45acp 09-13-2007 21:27

i love it how are you liking the xd

wizzi01 09-14-2007 14:00

I like it. i have a problem with one of the mag springs sticking. I am going to clean the mag inside and if that doesn't work I'll just order a new spring.

219paul 09-17-2007 12:27

Where is the "Pit"?

wizzi01 09-17-2007 16:49

xd45acp 09-17-2007 22:52

we are going for sure will be there at about 8:00am to set up targets so if anyone shows up i will be with a group of guys with my 1911 on my side. come say hi

Falx 09-22-2007 10:09

if i am welcome i think i'll show up around 10 or so

xd45acp 09-24-2007 09:07

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well we went had a blast got alot of pics went throgh about 2000 rounds total and i am pretty soar thanks to the 12 gauge single shot and the m1 grand so we will be palning 1 more trip for the year. i will post we i get more info

john_glock_mi 09-24-2007 09:53

The pit looks cool. Like being up north. Hope everyone had fun.

guy krikorian 09-25-2007 20:36

that really looks cool so what city is that in ?
and how owns it..

what guns can you bring there? shot gun , ar ?
thanks guy

guy krikorian 09-25-2007 20:38

hey xd45 my shop is in redford at 8 mile and wakeden right at the conner.

xd45acp 09-25-2007 21:03

Re: pit

Originally posted by guy krikorian
that really looks cool so what city is that in ?
and how owns it..

what guns can you bring there? shot gun , ar ?
thanks guy

it is lapeer and it is state land
you can take what ever you want out there we shoot pistols, shotguns, and any rifle you want people take fully autos and 50 bmgs too

MakeMineaP99 09-25-2007 22:41

I've seen 20mms out there.

xd45acp 09-26-2007 09:13

i would like to be out there when has one of there club shoots i heard they bring 50 cal belt fed on tripods

guy krikorian 09-26-2007 20:05

the pit trip?
when is the next pit trip guys?

xd45acp 09-26-2007 21:31

maybe mid Oct we could have a glock talk shoot lets try to get everyone together

guy krikorian 09-26-2007 21:47

sounds good lets do it im all in !!!

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