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Mud 09-12-2007 08:46

Been a while but im back, Need a place to shoot
Well im an old time member that got busy with life. Any how i use to work at the Friing line so i still shoot my pistol there, however now that i carry a firearm for a living (LEO) i need a place to pratice more 3D shooting and being able to move with a long gun would be a plus. any ranges or places i can go to do some work like that?



Warhorse 09-12-2007 15:21

I would just guess, that whomever is in charge of your training, would have a wealth of information, as to where you could find places such as you describe. I am unaware of any "3-D"

Mud 09-12-2007 15:41

Not so many of the LEO's ihave met just carry a gun cuz they have to, the rare few frequent boards like this on or take classes. I think i just may try the pit at least if it is slow i can shoot on the move. Dont really need a 360* shoot just a place i can move front and back and side to side

MakeMineaP99 09-12-2007 15:55

Try any of the clubs with IDPA ranges, the stages are set like you describe. Shouldn't be to hard to create your own.

Mud 09-12-2007 16:26

ill check out coon hunters

not a bad idea

it is hard to find a place that has that for rifles, and being my leave days are MON- TUES it makes it hard to get into the matches

Michigantrainer 09-12-2007 18:06

MUD, contact me off board.

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