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Glock30man 11-11-2007 17:08

Guns Shows
Fairly new into guns and would love to go to a good gun show.

Anyone know of any coming up in NE Ohio?

Is there a good resource to find upcoming gun shows?

thanks in advance.

Heavy-Dee 11-11-2007 18:30

There's usually a show at the Berea Fairgounds in the spring I think, and one at the IX center in the winter.

Been a while since I've been to either so I'm not entirely certian, but that should get you started.

northcoast 11-12-2007 13:31

I've been to the one in Berea a few times...Google Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds and look at their event'll find it.

I usually don't buy much, but think it is SO useful for feeling how guns seem in your hands. Like if you've got to narrow down which gun to get next, it is excellent for getting your hands on a lot of them.


Tombeis 11-12-2007 21:08

Here are some links to Ohio gun shows:

Glock30man 11-13-2007 20:30

thank you very much for the replies. very helpful!

G37 Commando 11-17-2007 19:30

There is a PRO show next weekend in Columbus. Some of my buddies and I are going on the 24th.

Hask12 11-22-2007 08:14

Many seem to like the Medina Gun Show

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