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allglock 05-16-2002 12:47

Glock Collectors Club. Sign up NOW
I would like to start a Glock collectors club and call it Collectors Corner. Maybe it shouldnt be a club, but rather a Forum?
I need 50 people to start it. Thanks!---allglock;a

PACKIN' PLASTIC 05-16-2002 13:09

Not much of a collector myself.

What type of thing would we talk about?


MakeMineA10mm 05-16-2002 14:21

Well, allglock, you know me, and you know how I am about collecting Glocks. At first I wondered if there's REALLY a need for a specific forum for it, but then I thought of the stuff bolded below, and I agree, we need a collectors forum.

I guess we could discuss the following topics:
1. Commemorative Glocks,
2. Other specially marked Glocks (such as the numerous police/govt. agency ones),
3. Rare variations (like the so-called "transition models"),
4. Early Glocks
5. Glock Memorabilia
6. Serial number cut-offs when transitions happened.

Any other ideas?

PACKIN' PLASTIC 05-16-2002 14:23

It sounds to me like another painfully slow forum.


allglock 05-17-2002 00:02

We could also include, all types of collectible firearms and firearm related parephenalia. I just cant believe there is not more interest in Glock history and collectability!;1

PACKIN' PLASTIC 05-17-2002 00:29

Maybe in another hundred years.


allglock 05-17-2002 00:35

So PP do we take that as a NO? You must be a Youngster, as I have been shooting and collecting glocks since the late 80s. Which has just been a passion of mine!:)

PACKIN' PLASTIC 05-17-2002 00:46


The first Glocks were made only about 20 years ago.

Don't take this as a flame; I just don't see the collectable value of Glocks.

Yes, some people go after the 17L and such, but Glocks have not changed that much.

I sell collectables, and most of the time they are something that is unusual, like a crank bait lure with hooks coming out the sides, instead of underneath. If Glock stopped making guns, or made a major change in them, there would be a more wide spread collecting interest.

You would probably get further starting a forum for pre-ban magazines.

That said, I'm in if the forum is for collectable weapons in general, not JUST Glocks.

I like things like War relics, military firearms, and old west stuff.


Chaos 05-17-2002 04:48

Well you got my vote.
As someone who regularly sells discontinued Glock items like patches, manuals, and all sorts of armorers only items, if you saw the prices some ppl pay on eBay, I guess you would have to agree that there is a THRIVING market for Glock collectibles and info.
Wonder how many people said "another bloody mold for my Colt 1860...what the h*ll am I gonna do with this one!"?

Maybe my kids will benefit in years to come, but I'll remain a dedicated collector thanks.

My thumbs up.

.45Ranger 05-17-2002 09:15

Not a collector yet (cash flow--'nuff said?. But like PP I would be interested in learning and talking about all kinds of collectibles. Besides I'd just like to help ya out allglock. Put me down for a yes vote.;c

Drachen27 05-22-2002 06:39

Count me in as interested.

Eddie C. 05-26-2002 05:17

Yeah- okay I'm in. Whatever you guys start is fine with me.

deputydawg558 06-03-2002 17:25

What the heck, you need 50? Count me in as one of them.

Ferdi 01-08-2003 15:56

As a (i hope) dutch soon to be Glock collector you have to count me in to! :)

Clem 01-08-2003 20:24

I'm in, too!
As a collector of ANYTHING with the Glock logo on it, I'm in! (Working at a Glock Stocking Dealer and LE Distributor gunshop sure helps in feeding the addiction!!). I'm lucky - Donna is VERY understanding about all the stuff I collect. Tony.

Ferdi 01-12-2003 14:37

bump ;Q

akapennypincher 01-16-2003 10:55


Originally posted by PACKIN' PLASTIC
Maybe in another hundred years.


Count me in.....:)

allglock 01-16-2003 11:53

Anyone notice when I first posted this? 5/2002! And I might have 10 people interested...............................................;T;1;U

ruralpatrol 01-20-2003 13:42

Sure sounds interesting

Glockster_James 01-23-2003 00:02

I suppose could count me in too.

Maybe by this May get all 50 people? ;) j/k. ;I

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