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jjtroutbum 01-24-2008 16:42

Whos from St. Louis?
Hello just found this sight the other night and this fourm today. I tried a search for St. Louis but nothing came up so I figured a New thread with the Lou in the title might help get a few more locals pointed this direction.

I am actually from Fenton but most people don't know where the heck that is so put St. Louis under location.

Who's out there? Where do you shoot? What do you shoot? Any body love a area shop so much that they stay away for fear of being armed and broke?


epsylum 01-24-2008 16:58

I was only born there. I am in Indianapolis right now.

Sorry if I was no help (you got a free bump out of it at least ;).

GlockRik 01-24-2008 18:03

Shoot at Arnold Rifle and Pistol Club, there is a match (IDPA, USPSA, Steel) just about every weekend, Top Gun in Imperial is a good shop with an indoor range.

Best, Rik

allanteman 01-24-2008 20:15

I live in the STL area and shoot at the Henges Range at I44 & Antire Road. I'm into C&R stuff and other military rifles, but for anything new, I go to Mike's Guns in St. Charles, Top Guns in Imperial, or MidAmerica Arms in Affton.

The Missouri board on AR15 .com is a pretty active. Check it out sometime.

Easterbrook 01-24-2008 20:40

I recently moved to the St.Louis area. Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to get to a range. :crying:

For gun shops, I've heard good things about both Mike's Guns and Top Guns. I haven't had the chance to go to either though, but plan to pick up a new rifle soon (I can't buy handguns here as I'm not yet a MO resident).

krackerd62 01-25-2008 07:07

why cant i reply on forum

krackerd62 01-25-2008 07:10

im from st louis,overland area

Rockchucker 01-25-2008 14:03

im from north county. i shoot everywhere. i shop at nassau sporting goods in st chuck

jjtroutbum 02-01-2008 03:10

Good to know there are a few others around the area. As far as my self I have Been too most all mentioned and one not Denny Dennis. Have also been too or shot at most places mentioned.

Rik you should tell me a little bit more about the club you shoot at. Sounds interesting.

As for where I shoot well there is this little place my buddy owns. "Down by the river." lol

Most the range folks just don't seem to understand or enjoy the sound of 45cal double taps or emptying clips on pumpkins, or watermelons. Last time it was scraped computer monitors.

Postal 02-02-2008 22:47


Originally Posted by jjtroutbum (Post 9779309)
Most the range folks just don't seem to understand or enjoy the sound of 45cal double taps or emptying clips on pumpkins, or watermelons. Last time it was scraped computer monitors.

Pumkins are the best.Private property is the best place to make your own rules.

4095fanatic 02-10-2008 10:00

Tower Grove area of STL, just got a membership to BullsEye range. Kinda small... only ten lanes so usually there's a bit of a wait, and you're restricted to 1 hour on weekends, but other than that nice place and good people.

Reb 56 02-12-2008 14:22

Hi I just moved to Fenton Mo. from Texas looking for a good outdoor pistol and rifle
in the area.

Reb 56 02-12-2008 14:26

Sorry I meant pistol and rifle range

jjtroutbum 02-12-2008 14:33

Hi Robert I would go over to henges its close. Its at 44 and antire and operated by the conservation dept.

Reb 56 02-12-2008 21:06

Thanks for the info went to Henges last fall,nice range but alot of rules such as slow fire only. Not much fun with AR or similar rifles. Looking For something less formal. I shoot pistols at Top Gun in winter. Prefer out doors in summer.

Reb 56 02-13-2008 17:55

Rik wonder if you could give me contact info on Arnold Rifle & Pistol range and location. thanks Reb 56

GlockRik 02-13-2008 18:43

IDPA match this weekend if you shoot IDPA.

Best, Rik

Reb 56 02-13-2008 19:16

Thanks Rik I think I will come down Sat. AM to see about joining.

Reb 56 02-13-2008 22:35

Anybody know best place in St Louis area to purchase AR15 16" Carbine A2 wish to keep it simple use irons no optics

S&WM&PAR15T&G34 02-18-2008 19:56

Lincoln County here.

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