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The Pontificator 06-02-2002 07:03

Recommended fishing websites?
Have started a favorites folder for "fishing" and so far have:

Bass Pro Shops
and a couple of tackle supply web sites.

Are there any really good general interest fishing web sites you'd recommend? Esp. for beginners? (mainly bass and panfish).

PACKIN' PLASTIC 06-03-2002 00:44


Bill D 06-05-2002 09:36

fish sites
By far, the #1 fishing site is Check out rods and reels, other, and tactics, among all the rest.

USMCsilver 06-27-2002 11:29 .

The site rocks, plain and simple. It covers everything you could think of. Check it out, it's a South Carolina thing...

wryan 07-02-2002 03:52

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