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glockinNC 09-05-2008 13:24

NOLA gunsmith?
Apparently no one knows anyone who sells holsters near New Orleans, but I'll give this one a try:

Any good gunsmiths near New Orleans? Hell, I'll drive to Baton Rouge...

jurisglock 09-07-2008 12:08

Go see Maury at 10-8 Tactical. He's a genius with ARs and 1911s. I think he's got Class II and III manufacturing licenses and capabilities as well. He has a decent holster selection, too.


bigtattoo79 09-30-2008 17:45

Maury is a great guy to deal with.

MyBabyDaddy 10-02-2008 18:07

+1 to Maury at 10-8.

byuboy270 10-10-2008 19:50

get a carbon blackhawk off internet ;-)

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