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filthy infidel 09-26-2008 19:09

Shut up- shut up- the debate is on!
Let's begin a real-time discussion on the great debate.

I'll start- I'm not surprised that BO spouts 'we must act quickly and decisively, etc', with as usual, no substance.

I am surprised that Mccain began with thoughts for sen Kennedy.

filthy infidel 09-26-2008 19:13

Funny too how BO is seemingly afraid to directly addrese Mccain.

filthy infidel 09-26-2008 19:17

Love the pen Mccain! BO flinched when the earmarked spending was mentioned.

filthy infidel 09-26-2008 19:20

$800 billion in new spending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BO didn't like that being brought to light.

S-o-c-i-a-l-i-s-m shhh..............

JimBianchi 09-26-2008 19:20

McCain about BHO pork barrel requests: "Also a million dollars a day for every day he's been in the Senate"

filthy infidel 09-26-2008 19:23


filthy infidel 09-26-2008 19:26

At this point I count BO interrupting Mccain three times, out of line. No offenses yet by the GOP.

filthy infidel 09-26-2008 19:30

BO spouting - 'we've gotta get broadband access to rural communities, we've got to get electrical infrastructure to all communities to utilize the wind, solar, and biodiesel generated energy'.

I was wholly unaware that we had a SURPLUS of these energies and technologogies that are hampered by LACK OF INFRASTUCTURE!!!!

Rural broadband is legit, the rest, aquit!

filthy infidel 09-26-2008 19:37

BO quotes 'Tom, I mean John'. Is he stoned? Did he FORGET WHO HE IS DEBATING WITH? Is it the STRESS? Perhaps BO is not ready for office? He does have two years at the senate, but I'm not convinced.

BO wants more early childhood education. I suppose so. His dad knocked up his mom, returned to Kenya and left him for dead. I can understand his feelings on this issue.

filthy infidel 09-26-2008 19:39

Palin=Maverick- I like!

filthy infidel 09-26-2008 19:44

BO- we didn't use our military wisely in Iraq.

Did he forget 9/11?


filthy infidel 09-26-2008 19:47

Mccain- "Our troops say 'let us win, so that our kids don't have to come back here'".

BO- "that's not true"...

JMag 09-26-2008 19:56

McCain is cool and collected; just what he needs to show the American electorate. BHO is flustered and lost...and it shows.

pulaskipusher 09-26-2008 20:03

I have a bracelet too! LOL

4TS&W 09-26-2008 20:39

I think McCain came out ahead.

slewfoot 09-26-2008 21:32


70% 68,920
28% 27,035
2% 2,270

Total Votes: 98,225

d3athp3nguin 09-26-2008 22:52

I watch it thru Fox news, and analysts say McCain came out ahead, but nobody had any big "knockout blows."

I see the analysis on CBS, NBC... They are all talking about how easily Obama won.


meshmdz 10-10-2008 13:45

If McCain did so well, why do polls on FOX NEWS say Obama won?

Poor old, tired, John McCain, he cant connect with working-class people and he is having to resort to last-ditch attacks to attempt to change what has been all along; Obama leading and a Democratic victory in November. :)

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