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rsagona1 10-16-2008 12:49

Good place to do business with
I'm turning 21 soon and it's time for my first firearm.

1. Do I have to go to a GLOCK retailer or can it be any FFL?

2. Do you recommend any specific place? I don't want to end up buying a refurbished one or something used. 50 miles or so from Baltimore is fine.

3. Are they all shipped from GLOCK (Germany) or a local plant?

mazdaboi 10-23-2008 21:25

first congrats on turning 21.

next, get some training on paper (some sort of documentation) take a CCW/CHP class. (even though MD is a hard state to get a concealed permit from) Then goto any local gun dealer and try out how different guns feel and fit in your hands, look for something comfortable.

after that make sure you have all documentation needed to obtain/purchase the firearm.

then search, there are deals out there. someones always looking to sell as well as someone is always looking to buy.

My parents are right in A.A. CO, let me know if you need help searching for some places to buy.


Aquanewt 10-28-2008 13:44

I know that the "Cop Shop" on at 803 E Baltimore is a authorized Glock Dealer. That being said, don't expect any bargins from Sam (the Owner) He does have or can get what you want just expect to pay MSRP +

rsagona1 10-28-2008 14:09

Thank you both of you!

JMS 11-05-2008 22:36

Sam @ The Cop Shop is awesome, he also participates in the GSSF program. I have bought all my Glocks from him and I consider him a friend.

Secondly, I like Dan at the Gun Connection in White Marsh. Let me know when you go, I'll happily go with you.


ChuteTheMall 11-05-2008 22:43

Go to the Silverado Gun Show at the Frederick Fairgrounds this weekend. Go early, fondle a bunch of new Glocks, see how they feel, see the prices, talk to the dealers. Look, touch, listen, learn.

I bought all of my Glocks and most of my guns at gunshows in Virginia, from major reputable dealers who have been going to every show for years.

That said, prices are much better in Virginia than in Maryland.:tongueout:

Going to look at Glocks with an experienced friend is much better, of course.

NRGarrott 11-07-2008 21:39

I too am a big fan of Sam's at the Cop Shop. I am slightly older than you and purchased my first pistol from him. It was a very pleasurable experience.

Aquanewt 11-16-2008 00:04

I went to the Frederick Gun Show and while not in the market for a Glock, I saw a few there that were listed as 'used'. They all looked new to me and bargains were available

cmecha 02-18-2009 14:25

check out bob at gunrunners in frederick,md good guy and be sure to go to and watch the video.

1time 03-06-2009 04:17

The Gun Shop in Essex always treats me right. Their prices on used guns are not great but they have the best prices on new guns of any gun shops I have been.

MdMike 09-06-2009 05:56

If anyone looking to buy a Glock is: Prior or current: Police, Fire/EMS, or military; you can get a great deal on ANY glock from the Cop Shop in Baltimore.

I purchased my two from them (19 and 23) and paid $450 a piece ( included 3 mags, reloader and bore lock) plust state fees etc.

Very happy with the transactions!

You will need the Appropriate ID from the Public Safety or military for the sale. best prices I could find in the area (believe me I'm CHEAP)!!

Flipz 11-19-2009 11:35

The Cop Shop in Baltimore is great. I just bought my first Glock there a couple days ago. Sammy (Sam Jr.) was great to deal with and made the process very easy. I used my GSSF discount to purchase my G17 and cannot complain about the great price. Thanks go out to both The Cop Shop & GSSF.

Also, Even if I didnt have the GSSF discount I still would have purchased from there, even though its 40 mins away from me. They still had better prices without any discounts then any of my local shops. My local shops charge between $585-$599. The Cop Shops regular price for standard Glocks is around $550. I got my G17 for $398 + Tax since I used my GSSF discount. I also got the mandatory MD bore lock for $21.99. The only thing that sucks is that I have to wait another year to get that great deal again.

MdMike 11-19-2009 20:42

The other thing I like about Sam and The Cop Shop is the personal service. I took my 23 to them some months back and had the tritium sights installed, while I waited without calling ahead.

Sammy also took the time to show a few other options to me as far as other accessories.

They do good work if you need repairs and if need be will send the weapon back to Glock for you.

If you catch Sam Sr. at the right time you will also get a great joke or two!

MDLibertarian 12-25-2009 09:35

Have you considered On Target, which is on MD Route 175 just outside the Rockenbach Road gate of Fort Meade? Their prices are decent and you can rent their guns to see which one(s) you like best. For one rental fee you can try out as many of the guns as you want; you just have to purchase their ammo to shoot though. I've found the staff there to be rather friendly as well and are willing to help new shooters any way they can.

MdMike 01-03-2010 19:31

On Target is higher then The Cop Shop!

knattyman 01-16-2010 20:30

On Target is pretty decent, as far as the Cop Shop goes Sammy is a good guy but if your not LE he can be pretty high, go to On Target and shoot a few, I like Continental in Timonium, they are kinda pricey, but are really cool guys to deal with. Stay away from Barts in Glen Burnie highway robbery!

MdMike 03-03-2010 23:19

I recently priced a few guns at On Target and they were higher then the Cop Shop.... Civilian Pricing not LEO pricing....

Flipz 03-08-2010 15:42

Before going to the Cop Shop to purchase my G17 I looked around at other shops that were closer to me. I found the Cop Shop to have better prices all around. Since I used my GSSF discount it didnt matter that the other places were a little pricier but even if I were to buy another Glock without the discount I would go to the Cop Shop. Sam is a great guy and a pleasure to do business with.

aliasneo07 05-02-2010 14:35

Go check out Dan at The Gun Connection on pulaski highway. Great prices and service.

SixGlocks 05-02-2010 14:42


Originally Posted by aliasneo07 (Post 15226643)
Go check out Dan at The Gun Connection on pulaski highway. Great prices and service.

I second. Dan is a great guy. Not like a car salesman.

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