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Buckeye Glocks 11-29-2008 19:18

G22 marked 40 SW on slide
I was recently at a gunshow with my G22. The Glock specialty guy - exclusively works on Glocks and only carries Glock stuff - said that this was a "rare" Glock and was worth a lot of money. My BS detector instantly went off when I offered to sell it to him and he said he did not buy guns.

So, Glock Talk members, is a G22 with 40 SW on the slide as rare as he said it is, or was my BS detector correct?:dunno:

MOBEEBO 11-29-2008 19:28

My G22 only reads ".40" on the slide. No SW. :whistling:

CTP 11-29-2008 19:42

I believe the older .40s had SW on the slide.I wouldn't consider an older .40 a collecter piece or anything.

Coogan 12-01-2008 18:27

2nd Variation: The caliber mark was changed to .40 SW and was marked on the slide and top of the chamber. The lowest serial number I have observed is a G23 SL prefix, the marking ended between the CAM and CER range.

cmcinc 12-01-2008 21:58

Both my 23 and 27 have 40 SW on them, but they are from 1994-1996, dont have them handy for the serial numbers.

Gamecock94 12-01-2008 22:00

My G27 says ".40 PLAX" that worth something?!:rofl:

SergeantC 12-01-2008 22:52

My G22, with ser # AXRXXX, says .40SW on the slide. My G23, with ser # KFFXXX, just says .40 on the slide.

At some point, Glock changed it for some reason. I doubt it's particularly valuable.

DannyR 12-02-2008 16:05

After Glock won the patent infringement suite against S&W in I think 1997, the SW was deleted from the slides.

Roering 12-05-2008 12:41

If I ever modify my slide, I'd like it to say "FO-TEE" rather than the .40

obxemt 12-06-2008 11:07

I read somewhere that Gaston freaked that his guns said "S&W" on the slide and that was the reason for the removal...can't remember where, don't know if its true.

haku_gin15 02-06-2009 13:56

Read some Glock book and it said that Gaston went to a show where S&W was unveiling the new .40 round. Apparently he got the specs, and jacked up everybody's ***** by releasing the 22 shortly before the S&W .40 came out. He had to add the SW or else it would have been patent infringement and Gaston would have been fined and imprisoned.

Can't remember the title of the book

obxemt 02-06-2009 14:02

Is this it?

mountainboy04 03-07-2009 04:34

i have also heard that gaston marketed .40s&w in glocks in the U.S. before s&w released it here in there own firearms....dont know if it holds water, and i cant remember where i saw that.

G23c 05-09-2009 10:30

just checked, mine says "the .40 is sporty".

JoleBole 05-09-2009 10:44


Originally Posted by G23c (Post 12919731)
just checked, mine says "the .40 is sporty".


lionsm13 05-31-2009 06:16

Mine says FTW...

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