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Crappy picture, but here is my just recently aquired (from my dad) 10/22.

It's a 115 series SN from 1976. It's marked as a Bi-Centennial carbine on the barrel. It's in great shape. We went through a bad earthquake in 1994 and he had to get rid of all of his guns to pay for our move out of CA. The 10/22 is the first gun I ever shot as a kid and what I learned on. I thought it was gone forever, a long time ago. Now that I'm a little more well off than I used to be, I bought him a nice Kimber 1911 to replace the 1911 he lost 14 years ago. After he stopped freaking out, he went to his closet and broke out my old 10/22.

What a suprise! Told me he was saving it for the first grandkid, but I guess I made an impression.

Cleaned it up good tonight and became an honorary Ruger 10/22 armorer after I launched a spring across the room.

It's bone stock. Plans are fiber optic sight set, a reflex red dot eBay C-More imposter and a Simmons 4x32. Also, some large magazines, a Ruger sling, Ruger case and Ruger mag pouch. If I ever decide to go nuts, a can. If I ever decide to break the law, or they repeal all of this NFA BS, a select fire conversion.

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