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Rangegod, have any more info or close-up photos of the Hi-Power at the very bottom?
A quick review of my files turned up one other picture of that HP. It's nothing fancy just a Browning Standard Model as you noted, bright blue with stock sights and factory ambi safeties. The grips are an old pair of Craig Spegelís I had on hand.

The Browning Hi Power Club

I picked this gun up for $399 at a gun show with an UGLY set of Pachmayr's on it. It had seen more than a few rounds but was still in overall nice shape. However, I knew as soon as I looked at it that it might need a sear. The first range trip proved me right as the hammer followed down twice in the first 50 round. No problem, I replaced the sear with one of several new ones I had on hand and no problems since then.


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