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Originally Posted by alank2 View Post
Hi everyone,

I recall a thread not long ago where people were talking about how hard they inspect calibers, for example 9mm was inspected very hard because it is quite a strong case for the typical 9mm loads put on it, and 40sw was inspected more carefully because it is much closer to the "edge" than 9mm for example.

Also was a list of good brass and bad brass.

Could we create a sticky that would list calibers and everyone could chime in about headstamps considered good or bad. We could just have people post their experiences and update a top level message. Obviously there could be disagreements where one person says this headstamp is decent while another says it is trash, in which case we could go with 3 categories for headstamp: Good to go, Mixed Review, Junk Brass.

Maybe a 1-5 rating on inspection necessity. 1=super strong brass, just a basic inspection down to 5=inspect it extremely well or its going to KB!.

What do you guys think?

I love to dig up all the free brass at the range, it sure would be nice to have a list of what to throw in the scrap bin right off the bat...


Good to go brass:
Starline (Two Stars with an arc between them)
Winchester (WIN, WCC?)
Norma (Headstamp?)
Company? (CBC)
Hornady (Headstamp?)
Company? (*I*)
Company? (TZZ)
Federal (Headstamp?)
Company? PMC? (ELD)

Shootable, but not as good:
Remington (R-P)
Speer (Headstamp?)
Company? (S&B)
Precision Metalic Something? (PMC)
Company? (HY)
Aguila (Headstamp?)
Fiocchi (Headstamp?)

Junk Brass:
Armscorp (ACP)
Company? (NNY)


What's wrong with Speer?
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