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Question For Admin

I wonder if there might be any interest here on Glock Talk regarding a sub forum about FINANCE AND INVESTMENT, specifically as it related to precious metals, gold, silver etc investment. It seems to me that people who are in to guns, survival and things of that nature as usually keen on discussion about investing in gold and silver. I have a lot of interest and experience in such and would love to engage more discussion about it. This is a very good time to be investing in gold and silver and as such there might be a lot of lively discussion relating to such here at GT.

I am not suggesting a forum where we trade stock market secrets and lead people in to doing things with their money that they shouldnt do, but more about REAL MONEY and how GOLD AND SILVER will be used in a **** hits the fan enviroment and how TRADE AND BARTER using COMMODITIES like gold and silver will fit in to that equation.

What do you think?

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