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Match grade slide lock (revisited)

I finally got around to testing my new Match grade slide lock agains't the stock OEM part. This test was by no means scientific, but was pretty impressive at least to me. The Pistol late model 3rd Gen G23. Modifications AmeriGlo Pro series night sights, Ghost tactical connector, and a polish job, compliments of TR Graham. The rounds were standard 180 grain Remmington target fodder nothing special. My little test was conducted at a local indoor range. I shot 11 rounds from 25 yards, about a round per second, with the OEM slide lock. Rounds were point of aim at center of target. Reloaded magazine with 11 more rounds, same ammo from same lot and box. Tore the pistol down replaced the slide lock with the MGSL, took about 45 seconds and fired again from the 25. Notice the difference in group size. Yes the group was shot to the right to see a comparison. I must say I am impressed with this inexspensive drop in part. What the MGSL does is allow a more consistant repeatable lock up on the barrel. In essance it works much like a match grade link does in the 1911 platform. It will not affect the reliablity of the pistol, as it works just like the OEM slide lock. The part is made to exacting tollerances compared to the stamped OEM part. Anyway hats off to TR Graham for a great part in my opinion, this one is staying in my 23. if you are looking for a little better accuracy out of your Glock try this before you go the barrel route. It is much less exspensive, plus if you do decide on a barrel, it will make it work even better.

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