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I have had one of these (6x6). I have the windshield, soft top, and 6' snow plow with electric lift. I live in Minnesota and raise American Paint Horses and a 50 acre ranch.

My wife was not keen on the idea of getting this little jem, but it is now used almost daily and I would find it impossible to replace. The vehicle is indestructible. The main difference I found with this vehicle versus the JD Gator was the fact it has true 6 wheel drive and it has great suspension on all of those 6 wheels. It will also do 40+ miles per hour down good roads. I haul 12 hay bales in the dump box and have pulled a Chev. Metro out of a clay mud hole when it was buried up to the frame. Plows snow as good or better than a pickup with a mounted plow.

Can find nothing bad to say about the vehicle except it is larger than a 4-whlr. and you will not fit down trails as well if you like to trail ride. I have found that other atv riders like to have this vehicle with on trail rides so you can pull them out of the mud when they get stuck.

I vote get one.
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