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Originally Posted by pens-66 View Post
Its not illegal to ship across state line if you are shipping to a FFL...I have shipped a few out of state before and its pretty easy.I would just take it directly to FedEx myself with a copy of the FFL I'm shipping it to and tell them it is a firearm...All firearms shipped through FedEx have to go overnite..which is roughly around the $50 price...If you take your gun to a gun shop that ships out they can use USPS Priority mail,but you can not do that yourself...Hope that was helpful


I was told locally that two day or even ground shipping but this seems not to be true based on the info in a post below. You must go directly to a FedEx Service Center, not a Kinko's or Mailboxes Etc...

I have known people who have shipped through Kinkos or even scheduled a pickup, but they never declared the item as a firearm. Using anything other than a FedEx Service Center is against FedEx rules and they probably won't cover you if it turns up missing.

Not that you would do this but federal law prohibits any marking on the package that indicate a firearm is inside.

It's always a good idea to abbreviate the name of the company or FFL that you are shipping to if it is appropriate and if thier name indicates the business they do. For instance Springfield Armory... I use S.A. and the address tells FE all they need to know.

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