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Originally Posted by Picketeer View Post
This link should answer your questions about shipping! Good Luck!

The is great info.

The info about FedEx seems to change from location to location. I went to great lengths to research this a while a back and the regs and policies that I was shown by a manager at the local SC said nothing about overnight shipping being mandatory. I have a good friend who is a director at FedEx and even he didn't know the answer. What I found was that you will get a different answer from just about everyone that you speak to there.

After all of the research I went to the local SC and declared what I was shipping (two firearms back to thier mfrs.) and he gave me the options and costs for shipping. I explained to him that I was shipping firearms and that they had to go overnight. The attendant told me that wasn't so and when I explained to him the background research I had done, he kindly said let's settle this and went to get the facility manager. The FM knew the reg and right where to go and showed me the requirements. They assured me that although there is a great deal of confusion on this issue that there is no requirement to ship overnight. THIS SEEMS TO BE INCORRECT BASED ON THE POST BELOW.

Maybe they too were wrong, but I have been shipping two day without an issue.

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