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Originally Posted by Thiokol View Post
It is not illegal to ship across state lines but you must ship it via UPS or Fedex to an FFL holder. As far as shipping within your own state, you would have to check on the laws of your state to see if it's allowable to do so.

Ok LOL... I didn't think I needed to mention that I am NOOOT an FFL holder. Geez - do you think I'd be posting this thread and asking the question if I were, or if I were shipping it to an FFL holder? Of course not... Sorry to be so harsh, dang.

I'm talking about shipping a gun to someone who has purchased one from me personally I'm not an ffl holder.

I'm kind of confused about the fed ex and ups - so it's ok to ship it fed ex and ups(as long as it's next day air) as long as it doesn't say that it's a firearm?

Also, would it be leable if I shipped him part of it one day, then the other part the next day? Or is that still illegal?
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