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Originally Posted by Thiokol View Post

It can be dangerous to present false information as fact. You should check your facts first. Fedex does indeed require priority overnight shipping. Here's their firearms trariff. Read it for yourself, especially paragraph C.

I agree... I cannot believe all the false information floating around about something so important.

Do you think the guy at FedEx really knows all the rules? The FedEx website states that *PRIORITY OVERNIGHT* (not just overnight) is the only way for regular citizens to ship firearms to FFLs. This has been the rule for at least 3 years - because I've shipped a few over the past 3 years and check the rules everytime to make sure I'm not violating anything. Last time I read the rules on UPS, they did not accept firearms from individuals without FFLs or Collector Licenses for both the to and from parties. As far as I know, for the average Joe - FedEx Priority Overnight is the only way to go.

Aslo - Federal law requires you declare that the package contains a firearm to the desk clerk.
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