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Originally Posted by Thiokol View Post

It can be dangerous to present false information as fact. You should check your facts first. Fedex does indeed require priority overnight shipping. Here's their firearms trariff. Read it for yourself, especially paragraph C.

I agree and that certainly is not my intent. I shipped a pistol out on Wednesday from my local FedEx SC. I ask every time I go and I am certainly willing to pay for overnight shipping. I was told again that 2 day was fine and that I could even ship ground. I had a copy of the FFL and my TDL in the box and another copy of the FFL handy for the clerk and was told that they didn't need it.

As stated in my above post the manager there had previously shown me his copy of the reg and that line about overnight shipping was not present. It could just be that he has given his employees different instructions based on an outdated manual. The whole thing is pretty irritating to me. But at least locally, and I live in a big city, they are not requiring overnight shipping.

While I do want to comply with their rules, I didin't break any laws.

The first time I shipped two pistols back the mfrs. I used a FedEx Kinko's location as instructed per customer sevice on the phone??? They even have a file at the local Kinkos for copies of FFL's.

On top of it all I got home a week later to find the pistol shipped back from Kimber sitting on my front porch?

I know for certain that if you declare a value over a certain amount it automtically requires a direct signature, so I am not sure how that happened. I had to instruct Springfield to have the other pistol held at the FedEx SC for pickup to keep that from happening a second time.

Hard to believe that we don't have any FedEx employees as members here that can clear this up.

I will edit my previous post based on the rules listed above.

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