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Originally Posted by Dutch48 View Post
You should realize that by pressing the Glock against the curved side window of a vehical that it more than likely was out of battery and would not have fired. Not so with revolvers and not so much with XD's but all other autoloaders, the slide will be pushed back and out of battery.
Do not EVER EVER EVER allow your semi auto to be touched by anything or anyone as most will be made unworkable by simply having the slide pushed 1/16" back from fully 'locked' and in battery.

Point was made to me during a lethal force self defence class when I was called upon to draw and shoot the instructor as he came from 21 feet to disarm me. Guess who won? He disarmed me. Gently without busting any of my fingers off. All he did was grip the pistol so as to push the slide back a wee bit and it was useless.

And guess what guys and gals? Same deal with revolvers too! If that cylinder will not turn most revolver designs prevent them from firing. So if you have no other choices in life but to attempt to disarm an assailant; part of the drill is going to be to grab the cylinder tightly and get a finger or thumb under the hammer if there is one. (That's why the best self defense revolvers are hammerless... has nothing to do with 'snagging' guys. Has everything to do with ensuring the gun works when needed).

Why do I carry? My defining moments? Two home invasions (one successful); one attempted carjacking or perhaps it was just a whacko putting a bigass revolver in my face in Orlando.... but that was it guys. No more. And since I live in Toronto although we have residences in FLA, NJ, NY, PA with relatives... I cannot get a non res FLA permit. Even as a US citizen. So I don't go there any more. I only go where I can protect my family. ANd I have taken some serious self defense training along with my 14 year old son... so he knows when trouble is happening and how to deal with it rather than dealing with teenage testosterone.

Protect yourself and go in peace.
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