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Lots of Reasons

October 18th 1999
I was riding a bicycle down the street when a guy pulled up and said he didn't agree with my Christian t-shirt and that I should turn it wrong side out. I said it sounded like he was just looking for something to be offended by..

Next thing you know I'm trying to outrun a SUV, one of them is on foot (and must of been on the track team) because I was doing 28+mph, emptied a can of pepper spray on him, so it was possibly worse when his 4 friends cut me off. I was wearing lock-in pedals so I couldn't get off the bike because of the way I landed. 5 guys kicked me as hard as they could for about an hour (no body called the cops) then some pest-control guy drove past and started to back up - they split. I called the cops, they said to look around for anyone who might have seen something. When I climbed out of the ditch (literally) I noticed that a person sitting on their front porch in plain view the whole time as it was in front of their property, had been sitting there the watching. I was pissed! its a good thing the cops showed up. The witness said he thought I was being jumped into a gang. I was so messed up it took me 3 1/2 hours to walk home (2-miles) and what seemed like forever to put the key in the door.

I already had a bunch of rifles and shotguns as my grandfather was a gun dealer, 3 months later I had my CWP... So I really had planned on getting it anyway but with that stuff happening I had taken my course early so that I could file for it as soon as I turned 21...

I carry a gun as often as my wallet.

Later On:
Sense then several individuals have attempted to deprive me of life and limb.
3 or 4 attempted carjackings, at least 40 attempted robberies (I worked at a stop & rob) in a bad part of town, and delivered pizza. After hurricane Katrina, several people attempted to break in, one guy almost succeeded in raping my mom, shortly there after she decided that guns might be a good thing after all. Had people put guns to my head a couple of times, 1 gang fight in the store, called the cops gave them the address and they said weren't we just there? I said yeah come back!! There was a pregnant woman hiding behind the counter with her daughter, etc.
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