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Originally Posted by pens-66 View Post
That is great news...I'd like to pick up a few for my G27 also...let us know..or do you have a number where I can call?
I'm sorry, it would be a betrayal of confidence to give out the number. I DO know that they won't take phone orders. When they get their new web site up you can order there, or you can send an order with a money order, as I did, if you want to trust them. When the web site was up last, they had an order form which could be filled out, copied, and sent with the MO. This time, I simply wrote them a letter with the needed information for an order, included the MO, and sent it to them. Right now, if you go to their web site, they have it back up, with the message that a brand new site is being constructed:

If you want to order by letter, I can give you the amount of money to send per pair, broken down to include the shipping (works for ordering up to two sets, I think), and the info to include. However, I know that most seem to want to order from the web site, and I really believe it'll be up and running soon.

But if you want the info for a letter order, just let me know.

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