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CCF raceframe KB yesterday

I was shooting in the PSA Steel match yesterday and had my CCF-G22 become completly non-functional! I had shot 2 stages (approx 60 rounds) and on the first shot of stage 3 the slide jammed about halfway into battery. No amount of slide racking (it wouldn't move) or any other normal clearance attempts would get the slide to move. I thought it might be a blown case stuck in the chamber but after getting safe and going to the safe area to work on it I found that the lock block had sheared off between the frame rails and jammed in front of the recoil spring! I had to take the gun apart from the back cover to loosen up things enough to get the slide off. I have run this combo for almost a year and never had any problems with it. I have used the buffers required and replaced about every 200 rounds to keep it working. I will post pictures later when I get home to let everyone see what happened. I have sent a letter to Larry at CCF but have not gotten a response yet. I will be calling him on Monday morning. Needless to say it made a 3 hour (6 hour round trip) drive pretty much a waste of time. I am glad I had my Open G34 to shoot in the afternoon so the trip was not a total loss.

More info/pics later,

-- mike --
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