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Originally Posted by HDman View Post
Several years ago as I was leaving a friend's house a guy popped out of the darkness weilding a knife and demanded the keys of my car. I gave him the keys and watched him drive away. The car ended up being used in a armed robbery and was recovered by the Police few days later in some shady neighbourhood of L.A.

My ex wife was opposed in me owning a gun so I never bought one, but guess what? I'm divorced now and the first thing I did was going out and get me G19.
Unfortunately I live in California and it's nearly impossible to get a CCW here... so for a start I'm going to Nevada ( I have friends living there) and get one there (which I believe is valid in 24 states) then try my home state ... cross your fingers for me guys.

PS... forgive my bad English I wasn't born in this country.
Welcome to GT HDMan!
Where in California are you? Still in LA? The more rural counties are easier than the coastal counties.

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