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Defining moment? None really, Ive wanted to carry since I was a kid. I was raised shooting with my father(rip) and my uncle. My uncle carried, my father being an ex-marine always taught me to defend myself and be prepared.

Defining moments that make the people around me feel more comfortable with it-still living at home with my mother and sister mom wasnt so comfortable with the idea at first. At the time she was working for the next town overs PD as a phone operator. In 6 months in that town there were 13 murders. In that same year, there were 2 in my town. The first 2 in many many years. That more then justified my CCW for her and my woman.

Now this spring my gf, my mother and my sister will all be taking their permit courses. Whether or not theyll carry is up to them but Im sure theyll all buy their own pistols.
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