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I was sitting at a red light and a guy jumped in the passenger side of my truck. I was around 22 or 23 and it scared me to death. I just froze and remember him going through my glove box and console and kept threatening to kill me if I moved. He said he had a gun, but I never saw it. It seemed like he as there for ever. He finally took off with some junk/trash shoved in his pockets.

The entire time, I kept thinking that if I would have had something to protect myself with, I could because he was paying me very little attention. Besides the fact that I was scared, I was buckled in and really couldn't do much.

I stopped at a pawn shop that afternoon and picked up a cheap .380 and duct taped a holster under my steering column so I could reach it easily. I also started locking my doors and stopped wearing a seat belt. I applied for my first permit that week.

I work alone usually and drive 200-300 miles each day in different area's. If I have my pants on, I have a gun on.
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