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I work in the mental health field and have people threaten to kill me all the time. I didn't like the idea of a pissed of psychotic individual coming to my house and stabbing me to death. I bought a pistol for the house. I live in Michigan (we have the worst economy in the union) and poverty breeds crime. We have several shootings a year in my city, and I don't live in the greatest part of town (not that there is a GREAT part of town anymore) so I decided to carry CCW. We had a robbery of a video store a few years ago right next to where I grew up where all the employees were put on their knees and executed one by one. I believe it is my responsibility as a person who is willing and able to carry a firearm to stop things like that from happening to me and those around me.
"Hitting an annoying yellow jacket buzzing a picnic table without spraying the guests or the food might be better practice for combat than long range paper punching. So might a plain old-fashioned water pistol fight."
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