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I WILL carry because when I was 15 a friend and I decided to go hang out at a Little League ballpark at night. What we didn't know was that late at night this ballpark is the hangout for local gang members. As we walked across one of the fields on our way out of the park, we heard some yelling, followed by loud popping noises. When I realized they weren't fireworks (dumb I know) and that they were actually gun shots, my friend and I ran faster than we ever ran before. Luckily for us, my grandmother's house was located near by, and we went in and called the police. Neither of us were hurt, but unfortunately, the perpetrators were never caught. Fast forward to 2008, I watched a program titled "15 Most Violent Acts" where one man went into a cafeteria style restaurant and began shooting for no apparent reason. It detailed a woman who's parents were shot and killed right in front of her. I thought to myself that I will never be caught in that situation unarmed. That's why when I get my Glock I will get my CCW license ASAP.
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