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Have considered it for some time...

...and I ran across the Masons with Glocks thread in GNG this morning.

I've been interested in Freemasonry (is this the correct term?) for years. I've known several people, in my travels, who have displayed the compass and square. Without exception, they've been exceptional people.

I've located a few local organizations online, and I'm considering emailing the secretary.


I've claimed atheism in the past, yet this applies only to religion. I believe in a higher being, but I don't believe that this supreme being has ever been properly defined by any man. You could say that my "God" is the power of the good of humanity, but I believe that something, somewhere, at some time created the universe and all of the spirits within.

I also believe that I can only be a part of this good if I associate with others who are working toward betterment of the human condition.

I've always been a bit of a rebel, I'm not "clean cut", I'm not a criminal, I travel the country frequently and visit other countries a few times each year.

I never know when I'll be called out on my job, which could interfere with making Lodge meetings (or whatever they're called).

I don't want my lack of a schedule to interfere with anyone else.

I'm 42 years old, and I feel the need for some guidance and brotherhood. I need some direction in my life, and from what I've read, I believe that the Masons may be the path for me.

What do you gentlemen think?
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