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You obviously believe in a supreme being and therefore you qualify for petitioning. You do not need to be a religious person. I'm not. As a matter of fact religious discussions will not take place in Lodge, along with politics, as masons focus on values and principles that unite mankind.
Religion and politics can be great dividers in this world...

Your concern about not being fully available to attend all the meetings is a noble one. However one of your duty as a Mason is to support your family and you will be asked not to sacrifice your work for Masonry.
In my Lodge we have two firefighters, one doctor, an Army reservist, several business owners and farmers. We can't always make it to the meetings and everybody understand that.

I suggest that you meet face to face with some masons in your area so they can answer all your questions. In the process, they will also make sure Masonry is the right path for you based on your expectations.

It appears there are five Lodges in your location:

Adresses and dates of meetings are posted for each Lodge and you can contact any member listed on their webpages. They will contact you and meet with you.

Who knows, you might know some of them altready!

Keep us posted

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